06 July 2012

Skunk Crib Board

This is a project I completed in the spring of 2011 for my boyfriend Ryley's 23rd birthday. It began as 3 strips of Cherry, that my dad connected to make a large enough board. I traced out a design of a skunk, mapped out all the peg holes (which is remarkably challenging!!), and then my dad cut the shape out using a band saw. Lucky for me, my dad is a construction/carpentry guru so I have access to most of the equipment and advice I need.

Once the shape was cut I did A LOT of sanding, drilled the peg holes using a drill press, RE-sanded the surface, primed it, stained it, and finally lacquered it! Eventually, we added a storage space for the pegs... my dad drilled a hole just above his hind legs and stuck a cork in it ;). Considering I have little experience in woodwork, I was quite pleased with how it turned out. And since then, Ry has skunked me countless times...

I'm hoping to finish another one this summer for my parents, made from Maple. Stay tuned!

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